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Innocence is no protection

by George Phillies  

The NSA and its fellow agencies are reading your every email and listening to your every phone message.

You might say ‘I don’t care.   I have nothing to hide.’

Let’s consider what that claim misses.   There are 40,000 NSA employees, at least as many at other spy agencies (National Reconnaissance Office, Defense Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Central Intelligence Agency, and mad many more), for an easy 100,000.   Their near relatives and friends are ten times as many, and their good friends are several times that.   Almost for sure, some of these people work where you do, invest in the same stocks and mutual funds that you do, and much more. You work hard, and looking for promotion into management. Your competition is Clement Doofus, who never does things so wrong that he’ll be fired, partly because you keep setting him straight.   It’s promotion time, and Clement gets the job. What happened? You’re clean as a whistle.   Clement is clean as a whistle. Alas, the fellow making the promotion decision is terrified that his family will find out about his affair with the hot babe in accounting, and responded positively to the anonymous motivational phone call — he didn’t recognize the voice as being synthesized on a good computer — telling him who to promote.   He can’t imagine how anyone knew, because he and she always met at a different motel, and always had their cell phones turned off. You’re clean as a whistle.   Your brokers are even cleaner.   You spend your evenings doing careful analysis, good enough that you score yourself against Warren Buffet and are doing almost as well.   It’s just that when you go to buy, because the time seemed right, stocks started up somewhat before you got there. You’re clean as a whistle.   It’s just that when calls started increasing between Sailor’s Mutual Bank and Atlantis Sunken Trusts, and tracking showed tablets and laptops of their finance people repeatedly at the same place, it took a lot of computing and a little forethought to tell that a merger was impending. You’re clean as a whistle.   The video showing the teenagers breaking a storefront window is too grainy to interpret.   Thanks to tracking, it is real clear which two teens pulled this off, especially because they both accidentally turned on their phones to record the deed, records that should only have been in encrypted cloud memory unseen by the public. They even both erased the record as soon as they saw what they had mysteriously done. And now you have a friendly visit ‘You know, this store is mostly a front for our numbers operation’, and the suggestion that if you will only enroll your child in this very expensive military academy all will be forgiven and forgotten. You may be innocent. What about the people around you? The Surveillance state is a direct threat to YOU.   Yes, YOU! Let me say that again. No matter who you are: The surveillance state menaces you, your family, and your country.   George Phillies is a contributing editor for Liberty For All. You can contact Dr. Phillies at

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